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At Ambitious Academy, we unite CNC technology training with a vibrant community of creators and business owners. Powered by®, our mission is to foster industry growth and innovation for all.

Our Courses Endorsed by Leading CNC Brands and Specialists:

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Fourth Industrial Revolution Ready

A Milestone In The Digital Machine Age

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where digital, physical, and biological realms converge, CNC machine manufacturing stands out. At Ambitious Academy, our CNC training programs are pivotal in shaping the innovators and leaders of this new era. We equip participants with the skills to drive advancements and adapt to rapidly changing industrial demands. Join Ambitious Academy and be at the forefront of industrial transformation.

Hands-On Experience

Gain practical experience with cutting-edge machinery to prepare for real-world challenges

Career Advancement

Connect & Work with like-minded peers as a community to define future industry

Career Advancement

Enhance your career prospects in a rapidly evolving industry that values skilled, technologically adept professionals.

Networking Opportunities

Connect & Work with like-minded peers as a community to define future industry

The Benefits & Rewards Of Being Ambitious

Discover the distinct advantages and exclusive rewards of advancing your career with Ambitious Academy. As a hub for innovation and skill-building in CNC technology, we offer education and a pathway to personal and professional growth.

Training Courses & Materials

Exclusive Learning Resources: Access top-tier courses and materials tailored to boost your CNC skills and knowledge.

Personal Branding & CV Tools

Professional Identity Builder: Use our tools to craft a standout portfolio and CV that showcase your expertise.

CNC Machine Power Forum

Industry Network: Connect and collaborate in our forum with CNC experts and enthusiasts for insight and support.

Exclusive Training & Demo Centre Perks

Practical Training Experience: Engage directly with the latest CNC technologies in our specialised training and demo cenre. Credit & Discounts

Enhanced Savings: Enjoy special discounts and earn credits for your purchases at, supporting your CNC journey.

Benefits Of Being Ambitious

Our Courses Endorsed by Leading CNC Brands and Specialists:

CNC Courses

Jump right in with CNC Action Courses. Choose a skill level and level up today – and shape a better tomorrow.

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Pactical Courses

More Practical & Less Theory. Learn the carft by doing practical projects – Think of it as CNC Flyer-miles?

See All PracticalsSubmit Your Own Project

CNC Textbooks

Inspired Theory. The Solid Base That Inspires Creative CNC Confidence.

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